Why Should Business Leaders Care about Frustrated Protestors?

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Per the emotional intelligence guru, Daniel Goleman, the emotional state of a business organization is the number one determinant of its success. Yet new discoveries in neurobiology are showing us that emotions are transmitted in surprising ways that transcend all borders. As leaders, we must become more mindful of who is setting the emotional tone of our businesses, including those sitting outside its walls.

The Reach of Emotional Energy

Emotions literally run rampant among people. Just by being in proximity of each ...

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How Can You Quickly Discover if Employees are on Track?

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As leaders, we need to know what’s going on with our teams and employees. Are they facing major obstacles? Is their rational thinking overridden with fear?They’re not always willing to say they need help, as they may perceive it as a sign of weakness or they may believe there will be negative repercussions. Now science is showing us how to read the emotions of other people, so we can proactively offer help.

Taking Empathy to the Next Level

Empathy is the act ...

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