Leadership Begins with Examining Beliefs

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We’ve all heard the adage that you can’t solve problems with the same consciousness that created them. However, we don’t hear enough about how to move to a consciousness that would solve the problems currently plaguing our businesses and societies. The movement has to start with examining our beliefs,
as everything else flows from beliefs.

Belief as the Foundation of Our Experience

By way of definition, a belief system is an encapsulation ...

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A More Effortless Authority

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In all the years the U.S. society has tried to enact legislation to control conduct, we’ve never gotten it right. Instead, we’ve put in laws that are often overbearing and choking us, and at the same time, they haven’t protected people from harm. I invite you to look at the situation in a novel way, which will point to a more simple and elegant solution.

The Problem

Let’s take the ...

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Language Pre-requisites for Social Change

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I want all people to have adequate health care, but I never say “people have a right to health care”. I know that stating it this way will make it less likely to happen. Instead I say “I have a responsibility to help ensure that people have adequate health care”. Stating it this way makes it much more likely to come about. The former statement makes people feel weak and ...

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