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There’s a leadership quality coming to light, through new scientific discovery, which will naturally identify a different type of leader. These leaders can increase the performance of every person in an organization, and they can do so without saying or doing anything. They set the emotional tone of the organization.

The Power of Positivity

Groups of people who work together share an underlying emotional bond, and it determines their success. There’s a huge body of research showing that when people are in a positive emotional state, their ability to analyze information, think of creative solutions, and solve problems is greatly enhanced, as is their memory recall and intuitive discernment.  These are the very traits that a modern organization needs to thrive, and natural leaders are able to create the required positivity.

Transmitting Emotions

As humans, we have the ability to positively or negatively influence the emotions of people around us. The human heart generates and emits a powerful rhythmic electromagnetic field, which changes depending on the person’s emotional state. Positive emotions, such as love and acceptance, create an electromagnetic field that is organized and coherent, and a person emitting such a field is said to be in a state of coherence. In contrast, negative emotions, such as anger and frustration, generate an electromagnetic field that is chaotic and incoherent. The heart’s field has been proven to extend at least ten feet from the body, and it can influence the emotional tone of an entire organization.

The human body is a sophisticated sensory organism that is capable of sensing emotional energy, where our entire nervous system acts as an antenna tuned to the electromagnetic fields of the hearts of other individuals. Scientists have found that the signals transmitted by one person’s heart can automatically alter the mood-generating physiology of another person, such as their hormone levels and cardiovascular functions. So in essence, we can impact each others’ moods without doing or saying a thing. Experiments have shown that three strangers can be in close proximity and within a couple of minutes, the most emotionally active person will have transmitted their mood to the other two. When a person is in a state of coherence, they have the strongest ability to transmit their mood to others, as well as the most beneficial mood to transmit.

Becoming Coherent

So how does a person become coherent? Simply trying to be positive and exude happiness can become exhausting over time. A better approach is to have it naturally arise from within. This can be fostered by practicing a technique such as meditation, which is designed to create a nonjudgmental awareness of the present moment. However, not just any meditation practice will put you in a state of coherence. It must include a focus of attention on the heart, and it must include the generation of positive emotion. Meditation practices that focus attention in the mind generally do not induce coherence. The ongoing practice of a coherence-building technique will re-pattern a person’s neural architecture so that positivity becomes the new norm.

Learning coherence-building techniques can be facilitated with the use of a feedback monitor, and I can personally vouch for the HeartMath emWave. I just attach it to my earlobe or put my thumb on its sensor, and it gives me instant feedback on my level of coherence by displaying an indicator light of green (coherent), blue, or red (incoherent). Optionally, it will also sound a periodic tone corresponding to the light color. I can even hook it to my laptop to record my performance during a session. I know from experience that all it takes is a fleeting moment of taking my awareness off of my heart or feeling a negative emotion to quickly turn the light from green to red.

It’s often said that leaders are the ones who set the emotional tone in the group. However, we now know that the person setting the emotional tone is often not the one with the title. Whether you have the title or not, you can exert the most influence by becoming the one who is the most emotionally coherent.

As we learn more from neuroscience about the incredible power of group emotions, we see reasons to adopt techniques beyond the ordinary. For more on shaping team emotions to increase creativity and performance, including research references, get notified of the upcoming book Primal Teams: Harnessing the Incredible Power of Group Energy or sign up for a monthly summary of articles.


About the Author:

Jackie Barretta is a writer, speaker and consultant helping organizations strengthen agility and performance by shaping emotional energy. She is a thought leader bringing to light the new science of group emotional energy and connecting it to business performance. She has had a 28-year award winning career as a C-level Fortune 500 executive and Big Four consulting firm professional.
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  1. Roland Sullivan  April 23, 2012

    Based on the 1st quantitative valid and reliable global leadership research:

    The new competency is influence

  2. Suni Nelson  April 23, 2012

    Jackie, unsure if we are on the same page, but I teach getting to the StillPoint in my INNERSHIFT Collage Art Therapy & Sound Tech sessions. When one quiets the mind, the heart listens, you connect with multi-dimensions, unlimited choices, universal love-our innate higher dimension that taps into the collective. When one vibrates here, others feel it. I’m teaching easy tools for others to access what I’ve felt since 3; however Einstein, John Lennon, others all quieted their minds & accessed this infinite space of choices to create new ideas. Love to offer this to leaders to vibrate unlimited possibilities. We all know deep down how to be this.

  3. Jackie Barretta  April 23, 2012

    Suni, yes, this sounds like we’re on the same page. I’m focused more on reaching coherence (positive heart vibrations) than quieting the mind, but they’re very related. I agree it helps a person connect with greater creativity and it spreads among a group. I’d like to see more of this in all groups, businesses, cities, and nations. I’m hopeful that it’s increasing.

  4. Suni Nelson  April 23, 2012

    Jackie, agreed, the heart is most important as is the connection to Higher Self/Spirit whatever you call it. That inter-connection, love, is the energy that creates oneness with each other, Nature, the Planet, the Universe. Just connecting to the heart will start the evolution humanity needs. Thank you for being one of the wake-up calls!

  5. Ronald V.  April 23, 2012

    Nice article Jacky and so true…The individuals with the most the powerfull aura / human-energy-field:
    [ ]
    [ ]

    do not have to do anything (actively), except “just being present”, if they want to radiate their positive influence towards the others in there environment.

    If you want to read more about this,i suggest these two sources:
    > Barbara Ann Brennan has read a very nice book about it, called “Hands-of-Light”.
    [ ]
    This book provides the reader a spiritual insight into the aura and chakra system that surrounds the physical human body.

    > Peggy Phoenix Dubro has written a book “The Universal Calibration Lattice”
    [ ]

    Peggy shows how each and everyone is interconnected with eachother
    via inter-dimensional energy fields called the Universal Calibration Lattice
    [ ]

  6. Susmita  April 26, 2012

    Thank You for this encouraging article and the download. I have followed for some time the institute of heart math studies, but stopped short of buying the emwave gadget. I have never wanted to be a leader because i did not want followers, yet looking back I seem to have followed my heart in initiating many different kind of changes within me and in my work in the world. Setting the emotional tone in board meetings, peace rallies and protest marches, diverse community gatherings is something I have been doing naturally with few words or even with a silent meditation and intention to be present with active attention. I am amazed how connected we are despite our conflicts, differences, sense of alienation and temperaments. It is so much gentler and kinder on us and others around us.

  7. Currie Rose  May 2, 2012

    I like this. It is so very interesting when you really think about it how we are all really sharing one anothers energy at all times. I’m sure we have all felt at one time or another, the painful heaviness of someone exuding very “negative” energy… or on the other side, someone who is exuding infectious joy. Energy is so very powerful and it’s true, it’s not just leaders who have the power to shift or inspire energy. I think in a crowd, it simply takes someone with powerful energy…. I used to allow my energy to ooze however it was, which was good most of the time. However, I am learning (through mediation) how to become more in control of what I exude by way of coming back to my center and relating to each moment as a gift. I think it would be really cool to have one of those gadgets to measure what I am putting out, as I tend to be someone who easily gets carried into the flow of what’s going on around me.


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