What’s the First Step in Saving a Flailing Company (or Nation)?

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Boost the energy of its people.  All results flow from the energy of the people. When people are wrapped up in fear and frustration, they simply can’t compete. They miss opportunities, are unable to fully focus on their goals, and have poor judgment. In contrast, when people experience positive emotions and especially when they are heartfelt, they can see opportunities that others miss, focus on tasks with optimal attention, and use the most astute discernment in arriving at the best decisions. They are sharper, and this is what it takes to prosper in our modern societies.

You can choose to uplift your energy any time you want. You may think that things have to be going your way before you can be feeling positive. But here’s the big aha: you have the ability to change your energy and emotions no matter what’s going on in your life. In fact, if you wait for your life conditions to change so that then you can feel positive and uplifted, it will probably never happen. You’re thinking about it in the wrong order. You have to change your energy first.

You can personally uplift your energy through techniques such as controlled breathing and listening to the right kind of music. But the key is to activate your heart.  You can do this in several ways such as focusing on what makes you grateful or feeling compassion for someone else. But how do you facilitate this in a company or nation? To some degree, it’s a personal choice, but people can be helped along. First of all, emotions are highly contagious so leaders and other prominent people need to control their mood. Then create an environment that activates heartfelt emotion. This includes defining a common purpose that is heartfelt, and proliferating practices that connect people rather than divide and provide as much personal freedom as possible. Although people are different, for most of us, these values evoke emotions that engage our heart.

Why did the United States enjoy so many years of prosperity? It was clearly the spirit of the people. Immigrants came here with high energy, full of hope, and the ideals of the nation kept their energy elevated. It was a haven to the downtrodden people of the world, a melting pot that honored the connectivity between us all, and an experiment in personal freedom. This kept its people’s hearts engaged, and the resulting energy enabled the people of the United States to cultivate the greatest innovations and build the strongest institutions, leading to many years of prosperity.

It’s possible for any company or nation to consciously boost the energy of their people. As we learn more from neuroscience about the incredible power of group emotions, we see reasons to adopt techniques beyond the ordinary. For more on shaping team emotions to increase creativity and performance, including research references, get notified of the upcoming book Primal Teams: Harnessing the Incredible Power of Group Energy or sign up for a monthly summary of articles.


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Jackie Barretta is a writer, speaker and consultant helping organizations strengthen agility and performance by shaping emotional energy. She is a thought leader bringing to light the new science of group emotional energy and connecting it to business performance. She has had a 28-year award winning career as a C-level Fortune 500 executive and Big Four consulting firm professional.
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  1. Kevin Galloway  September 27, 2012

    I have to agree, the only way to change a situation is to change the mind set of the people. What we really have to understand is that we are never more than what we think ourselves to be. When we have the energy to succeed then and only then are we able to do the things that it takes to move foward.

    When our energy is spent on fighting for the wrong thing then we as a people fail, the problem now is that instead of fighting the problem we are too busy dealing with issues. When we deal with issues we always weaken ourselves by spreading ourselves thin.

  2. Christina Venter  September 27, 2012

    Hallo Jackie. So nice to read your contribution to change. Possitive energy comes from love deep within the points of our hearts. This is the only way to boost the energy of people. Genuine love and caring for those who cross our paths. Love is not some “smootchie” dripping sort of emotion. It is based on a very simple principle – because you are made in the Creators image, I choose to love you unconditionally without reservations. The rest comes from Above – the aleph that connects, unite and revitalise all. Have a blessed week.


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