JackieBarretta-47_smlwebJackie Barretta delivers inspirational keynotes on boosting creativity and innovation in a team. Her talks engage the audience with experiential techniques and real-life stories. Her techniques, based on leading edge neuroscience research, provide a fresh perspective for strengthening a team’s ability to innovate. Jackie draws from her 25+ year career as a successful leader in Fortune 500 businesses and Big Four consulting firms to make the concepts real and practical.

Jackie’s keynotes are a perfect way to jump-start a conference or meeting. Her upcoming speaking engagements include:
9/22/2015 – Seattle CIO Forum, Seattle, WA
11/2/2015 – SIMposium Annual Conference, Charlotte, NC
12/7/2015 – Minnesota CIO Forum, Minneapolis, MN

Endorsements for Jackie’s speaking engagements:

Jackie Barretta is not only a very talented business leader, with many years of experience, but also an eloquent and engaging speaker.  As Chair of the Software Association of Oregon’s CIO/IT Managers forum, I have had the opportunity to bring Jackie in as a guest keynote speaker on various topics. She is unique in her ability to uncover value in disciplines not normally associated with business, technology, and leadership.  Her work in the area of leveraging the science of quantum physics within the business environment is an example of the ground breaking and highly innovative nature of her work.” Lance Kidd, Vice President Technology Advancement, Umpqua Bank

“Jackie has made presentations to two of my leadership development groups; one while CIO at Con-way and one as author of her book Primal TeamsIn both cases the presentations were excellent with the audiences fully engaged.  I would ask her to present again in a heartbeat; and, indeed, I already have.” Bill Harrison, Owner, The LDR Group

Jackie was the keynote speaker at our CEO Breakfast Forum. She presented her thinking on how leaders can harnesses the power of emotions to fuel extraordinary performance.  Our CEOs gave a very high rating to the value of the ideas and leadership wisdom that Jackie shared in her presentation.Robert Fiske, President & CEO, Chief Executives Guild

I’ve had the privilege to listen to Jackie’s speech on mindful consciousness and its place in the workplace. She explains some intriguing ideas and backs the ideas up with reliable information and sources. I like her work, because it makes you think about how you can be more intentional in your work, and in life. I highly recommend her as a speaker.” Taylor Ellwood, Social Media Instructor, Portland Community College

Jackie Barretta has a wealth of experience leading organizations and is now sharing her unique perspective with the masses. She has the ability to simplify complicated concepts to make them palatable to a variety of audiences. I highly suggest her conferences to anyone that wants to be exposed to a different way of thinking about leadership. Great job Jackie!” Renee Houston, Business Development Manager, Lile International

Jackie hit it out of the park when she spoke at our IT Leadership forum! She really opens up one’s mind about what is possible and how to lead organizations to success.” Jim Wilcox, Principal Consultant

Jackie showed our leadership group exactly how the concepts of mastering group energy compel us to lead organizations differently.  She led a group exercise with practical examples and several demonstrations that fascinated the audience.  In fact there was such intrigue and excitement of the demonstrable effects of the exercise that we all wanted to learn more and take it back to our own organizations and put it into practice.  It is difficult to explain how all this works but I encourage you to just accept-as-fact that it does work and get a copy of Jackie’s book and read it as a starting point.  Bottom line, I believe we have an answer to the enterprise social conundrum and a way to improve the energy of our organizations. I am convinced you will be inspired to utilize the research to drive your own positive change.” Marc Belsher, Principal Advisor & Director

Jackie presented a session at our Executive Roundtable meeting.  The presentation was focused on how emotional energy in a group increases its cognitive and creative abilities.  She did a great job with the set up of the value proposition and hypothesis, followed up with a team exercise/experiment supporting her hypothesis, and provided tangible examples that were science based to further support her hypothesis.  Impressive!” Jus Singh, Managing Director of the Atum Group

I was fortunate enough to see Jackie Baretta present at the CIO Forum in Portland. She spoke on the subject of “Mastering Group Energy for Innovation and Agility” a topic she has been involved with for a long time. As a former CIO of a Fortune 500 company, Jackie has led many organizations and projects, and the subject matter she spoke on is perfect for any leader who wants to get the most out of their organization. Jackie presents the material in such a way that it makes it valuable to anyone who is willing to invest in the principles. Her presentation skills are excellent, and she makes the subject matter valuable to anybody in the room. If you get a chance to see her speak, I highly recommend attending.” Jim Robison, Director, Online Business Systems

“I have heard Jackie speak on several occasions and she never ceases to inspire. She catches audience’s attention when sharing ideas about group emotional energy, something that most people haven’t thought of before. I highly recommend Jackie to companies who are committed to the concept of positive and high energy work environment.” Amir Yazdani, Exec. VP of IT & CIO, Rentrak Corporation

“Jackie Barretta delivers clear and convincing messaging in her public speaking events. She enlightens and entertains in a manner that underscores her passion for propagating the value of cultural adoption of group energy practices.” Jeffrey Barnes, Regional Director, SIM Advanced Practices Council

“Jackie’s work at Nura Group speaks directly to her passion for people and exploring the best ways to lead people in delivering their best performance. I have observed Jackie closely as she has led workshops and at her speaking engagements. She has the unique ability to enthrall her audience with her ideas and passion on the topic of mastering group energy. I have no hesitation in recommending her to companies who want to unlock the secrets of getting the best performance from their people.” Manoj Garg, Managing Partner, Virtual Information Executives