How Can You Quickly Discover if Employees are on Track?

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As leaders, we need to know what’s going on with our teams and employees. Are they facing major obstacles? Is their rational thinking overridden with fear?They’re not always willing to say they need help, as they may perceive it as a sign of weakness or they may believe there will be negative repercussions. Now science is showing us how to read the emotions of other people, so we can proactively offer help.

Taking Empathy to the Next Level

Empathy is the act ...

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Use Your Gut to Choose Relationships

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It’s generally considered good business practice to make decisions based on data rather than on our instincts. We believe data holds the key to an objective and therefore superior answer, whereas our instincts introduce a subjective and therefore inferior perspective. However, we believe this only because we have not learned to use our instincts with accuracy. Among other things, they’re useful in choosing our teammates and partners.

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Can Employees Feel What You Are Thinking?

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I think we would all acknowledge that people perform better when they’re feeling positive, so as leaders we naturally want our groups and organizations to be positive environments. However, most leaders are not aware of the factors that influence the positivity of environments. We think we’re controlling environments when we monitor what’s said and done, but experimentation tells us that thoughts themselves become pervasive and set the tone in an environment.

A Revealing Experiment

Consider this exercise that I often conduct ...

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